Jenfitch, LLC

Developing water treatment solutions for the 21st Century.

Jenfitch, LLC is a manufacturing and marketing firm that specializes in water treatment chemicals used in the following industries:

  • Water/Wastewater
  • Power Generation
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Oil & Refining

Jenfitch offers the following:

  • Coagulants and flocculants for water and wastewater treatment-food grade, NSF, organic and inorganic
  • Metal Removal- low level dissolved copper and dissolved zinc
  • Struvite & Vivianite Control-removal and dispersion
  • Liquid Ozone-Disinfection
  • Organo-clay technology-difficult to treat wastewater

For more information, please contact us at 925-289-3559 ext 102

Coagulants and Flocculants Metal Removal Struvite & Vivianite Liquid Ozone Organo Clay